HR FUTURE NIGHT 2.0 - "How Diversity and Inclusion will save our asses"

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This isn't your typical virtual conference. When you join HR Future Night you will be put into contact with interested leaders, businesses, and organizations who want to build diverse, high-performing teams and create workplaces committed to inclusion, equity, and belonging.


We offer you a mix of lectures by top international experts and HR managers, best-practice examples, panel discussions, and breakout rooms for individual exchange and networking.

We meet here to exchange ideas, learn from each other and grow together!

The HR Future Night is under the patronage of the European Economic Senator & Supervisory Board (EWS), Managing Director (HEALTH FOR ALL®) and author Senator h.c. Marco Scherbaum.

Your participation. Your contribution. 
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On Thursday, November 11th, 2021 

Start at 4:00 pm (CET) to 8:15 pm (CET)

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Who's Attending

HR Future Night is where companies gather and connect.

150+ Attendees from around the world

90% HR managers, executives, and decision-makers

International and global businesses from various branches



Get ready for stories from those questioning the status quo and leading by example.
Come and hear their innovative thoughts and visions for a better future.

We Invite YOU - Join US!

HR Future Night 2.0 - The place where Vision, Exchange, and Inspiration happens.

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What do we mean by Diversity and Inclusion?


In it's simplest form, diversity means being composed of differing elements. In a workplace, diversity means that the workforce is made up of employees with different races, genders, career backgrounds, skills, etc. Diversity is proven to make communities and workplaces more productive, tolerant and welcoming.


Inclusion is the practice of providing everyone with equal access to opportunities and resources. Inclusion efforts in the workplace help to give traditionally marginalized groups, like those based on gender, race or even those with physical or mental disabilities, a means for them to feel equal in the workplace. Inclusive actions, like creating employee resource groups or hosting information sessions, make the workplace a safer, more respectful environment for all employees.

Ready to be the change? 

We are ready to take you on a journey so you can reach
the desired culture for your organization.



Join the CONVERSATION. Be part of the SOLUTION.

The FIRST part of the program will be held in German

4:00pm (CET): Welcome & Introduction by Stephan Poschik
4:15pm (CET): Storytelling "Invisible Differences" - Special Guest To Be Announced
4:30pm (CET): Keynote Susan Omondi, "The Others: Unleash the magic of diversity and inclusion"
5:00pm (CET): Panel Discussion "How Diversity and Inclusion will save our asses" (Martina Hofer Moreno, Susan Omondi, Bettina, Hillebrand, Marco Scherbaum, )
5:30pm (CET):
Smart Stage Presentation: Susanne Killian (Coach at Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann GmbH & Co. KG)



The SECOND part of the program will be held in English

5:40pm (CET): Best Practice with Iva Tsolova, JAMBA (Presentation of their project - Fundraising CHC Summit 2021)
5:55pm (CET): Best-Practice "How we live Diversity and Inclusion at CHC" by Stephan Poschik
6:00pm (CET): Online Networking Break
6:15pm (CET): 
Hotme: "How are we going to make Social Media, social again" by Stephan Poschik
6:20pm (CET): Fireside Chat with Marlett Jackson and Paria Rajai "Advancing DEI Through A Global Lens" 
6:45pm (CET):
Smart Stage Presentation: Garrett Browne (Regional Sales Manager, Virgin Pulse)
6:55pm (CET): Interview with Stephan Poschik and Flooris van der Walt "Is Covid destroying Diversity & Inclusion?"
7:30pm (CET): Breakout Sessions* Small Talk, Big Talk & Meaningful Conversation
8:00pm (CET): Round Table "Rapid - Fire Success Tips" (with all Speakers and Experts)
8:15 (CET): Open-end & Online-Networking


*Self-select Breakout Rooms:

Stay in the main session: HR & Recruiting (with Martina Hofer Moreno, Stephan Poschik)

Room I: Diversity & Inclusion "A Formula for Success" (with Susan Omondi and Flooris van der Walt)

Room II: FREE Workshop powered by Virgin Pulse "Wellbeing Champions - your secret sauce for success!" (with Bernhard Schlosser)
Workshop start at: 6:00pm - 6:30pm (CET); 6:45pm -7:15pm (CET); 7:30pm - 8:00pm (CET)

Why Attend?

At our event, you will meet other people who are willing to share their knowledge, insights, thoughts, and concerns.

Expand your network and make meaningful connections.

At HR Future Night, you'll have the opportunity to connect with people who share the same interests as you.

Social functions, online chat rooms, workshops, interactive sessions and roundtables. 

Get perspective

Sometimes the only way to get fresh ideas and move forward is by stepping back to see the big picture.

HR Future Night will give you the perspective you need: hear inspiring keynotes and speakers, participate in breakout sessions, gather different viewpoints from your peers and learn something new.

Learn and grow

Increase your knowledge by attending sessions that present or discuss best practices, case studies, industry insights, market intelligence, innovative approaches to common challenges and the latest international trends. 

Share and collaborate

Knowledge-sharing is one of the most effective practices among high-performing people. There's nothing more exciting than meeting up with like-minded people to bond over common issues and work collaboratively to better approach a problem.

Be inspired

It's not all work and no play. In addition to a rich and varied agenda of sessions, workshops and business networking sessions, the program is fun, energizing and full of unique and inspiring experiences.

Live Chat

Pose your own questions and comment via the live chat function and interact with other delegates and speakers in real time.

Virtual Breakout Sessions

There will be breakout sessions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience.

Attend without leaving your Home

All you need is internet access. You can learn and grow, participate in workshops or interactive sessions without ever stepping foot outside.

Don't Miss Out!

The HR Future Night is for all those who want less theory and
more successful implementable ideas.

Get ready for new impulses - lots of experiences and perspectives - 
and discussions on current topics. 


Open your hearts to others.

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Every cent and every penny that is donated goes directly to an Austrian family in need.
You Think, You Care, You Give
The event is equivalent to EUR 250 per participant and is completely free of charge for you.
That is why we count all the more on your voluntary contribution!
We collect donations with a local Austrian organization, which will select a family in need during Christmas time and pass on 100% of the donations generated. We will make distribution of the funds fully transparent and report it to all participants.
Please use the QR-Code. Your donation will be collected through the PayPal account, that has been created for the HR Future Night 2.0
Your support is greatly appreciated by CHC and the family in need.

HR Future Night in 2020 

A successful event like our HR Future Night can accomplish a lot of good:

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HR Future Night 2.0

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