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Here is a short overview of the CHC Group


I help small business owners to thrive during tough economic times, to grow and expand their business, so they can finally achieve their goals in business and life!

I support businesses striving to implement the right strategy for their corporate health management, making their employees healthier and thus more motivated. This improves employee satisfaction, in turn significantly strengthening their connection to the company. I have been collaborating successfully for nearly 20 years with large national and international companies such as Siemens, MAN, Voestalpine, Wiener Linien, Mondi, TKV Group, Lenzing, TSA, and many others in which my clients and I have achieved numerous effective, sustainable results.

My vision is to bring the concepts of corporate health to top management, permanently changing how businesses deal with their employees.

We help companies to increase employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, and thereby achieve a significant improvement in management and company culture.

Corporate Health Consulting GmbH: the first and only corporate consultancy in Austria specializing in all areas of corporate health management. We operate in the DACH region of Europe as well as in the USA and Canada. Our specialty is strategically supporting our clients in the implementation and development of corporate health management strategies.

CHC Franchise LLC: is responsible for our business activities in North America. It also provides a unique Franchise Opportunity for Small Business Owners who want to use our over 19 years proven systems to grow their own business.

Feel the energy: your expert team providing holistic health promotion to companies and their employees in the areas of nutrition, movement, and mental health. We support businesses in evaluating mental stress in the workplace, and we help these businesses improve their employees' health, thus reducing sick time and its associated costs.

FTE-ACADEMY is an adult educational institution awarding the Dipl. Personal Fitness Trainer, -Nutrition Trainer and -Mental Trainer, employing our exclusive 1:1 teaching method. This method of teaching is unique in the entire DACH region.

READY TO TALK? visit our website at www.corporate-health-consulting.com , www.feeltheenergy.com or email us at [email protected] .